Kanshin is a small and friendly karate club. We teach traditional shotokan karate in a relaxed and informal atmosphere suitable for all ages and abilities. Whilst our core syllabus is the traditional shotokan karate forms and katas we also teach their application in the context of a practical self-defence and at the same time aim to cultivate the spirit of karate: integrity, loyalty, endeavour, respect and discipline..

At Kanshin we believe that almost anybody can practice karate. Although we train in a group progress is individual and one is only expected to perform to the best of their abilities – no more, no less.

Kanshin operates as a not-for-profit club and we charge our members the bare minimum to allow us to operate. Our only aim is to teach, practice and enjoy karate as a great form of exercise for both body and mind.

Kanshin karate is affiliated with the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB), the largest, most professional and most successful Karate organisation in Great Britain. The KUGB’s roots go all the way back to the very first Karate clubs established in the UK.