Our philisophy

Karate is different things to different people. At Kanshin Karate we practice karate primarily as a means to enhance and promote the well-being of our students. Our lessons focus on practising and refining our techniques and the study of kata. We also practise self-defence applications and engage in light sparring, all the time keeping the safety and well-being of our student foremost. Our aim is not to produce fighters, but rather to have happy students who enjoy training and progressing in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

We hold regular gradings either in Guildford or at one of our affiliated clubs in Surrey. Whilst we always encourage our students to push themselves it is ultimately up to the individual to decide when and how often they wish to grade. We do not push those who feel they are not ready nor do we hold back those who are eager to  test themselves.

At Kanshin Karate we are passionate about karate, but we also understand that it is just one facet of a happy and balanced living.