the corona chronicles – day 16

tonight was my turn to teach. it was hard, a lot harder than teaching in a dojo, but just as satisfying and exhilarating. i found it harder because you are very limited in what you can do during the lesson and also the medium, wonderful though it is, is still no substitute to being in the same room with your students.

we worked on some punching techniques focusing on the interaction between tension and relaxation and how they are applied in difference scenarios. that’s a capture of me from the live feed. can you spot the lesson plan cheat sheet?


One thought on “the corona chronicles – day 16

  1. Great session! I loved it! It was full of fun stuff! Thank you!
    I think for me, if and when I have spent some time relaxing myself before the class, like I did for this class, homedojo is a better experience than being in the same room with everyone. Being with others remotely doesn’t affect me as negatively as sharing with others the same physical space. Thanks God for that.
    I’ll test that theory when everything gets back to normal, though. It might have been that I haven’t taken enough time before the “physical” classes to relax.

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