upcoming special sessions in july

we have two planned sessions with sensei neil jerome at the end of the month:
thursday 27 july neil will be teaching the regular lesson 8-9:30pm. the final half hour of the lesson will be a “kata clinic” for black belts. neil will be looking at your kata individually to give you some feedback.
sunday 30 july neil will be teaching an instructors’ class 12-1pm followed by an all grades lesson 1-2:30pm. this time we decided to have the instructors’ class, which will be on construction of combinations, before the general lesson, so you could see how neil uses the principles discussed in an actual lesson. as per usual the first session is intended to anybody who’s teaching or is interested in teaching. the second part of the lesson is for all grades.

Kata workshop

The Rising Sun Karate Academy will be hosting sensei Jack Somers, member of the KUGB kata team, for a kata workshop on Satruday, 20 February, 12-2pm at the Winston Chruchill Sports Center in Woking, GU21 8TL.

12:00-1:00 all grades training
1:00-2:00 senior training

Open to all grades; £7 per person.

Jack Somers

Getting there